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Academy for Early Learners is the perfect place for your child to blossom. Our holistic and multidimensional curriculum provides your child with the best education and care. We believe that our high-quality and committed staff are crucial to providing the highest level of care and guidance for the children. That’s why we strive to offer a value-laden approach to the early education program at our childcare centre near Macquarie Park.

Our curriculum is holistic and uses a multi-dimensional and value-laden approach so that your child can get the best education and care possible. We also have highly trained qualitative and committed staff dedicated to guiding your child. Your child’s safety is always our top priority, so you can feel confident that they are well looked after while under our care. Suppose you would like to learn more about how we provide quality care, contact us today. Parents recommend our childcare programs near Macquarie Park


Growth-oriented Childhood Curriculum Early Learners

At Academy for Early Learner’s near Macquarie Park Early Learning Childcare, we believe that every child deserves a quality education to help them succeed in life. That’s why we focus on preparing your little ones from day one, so they can be ready to learn when they start primary school. 

With a strong foundation built at our childcare, your child will have no problem keeping up with other students once they enter kindergarten.

Our early learning program for toddlers, preschool and babies to adapt to the next transition in their educational journey naturally. We have a team of experienced educators passionate about early childhood education at our childcare centre near Macquarie Park.


You can rest easy knowing your child will be well prepared when entering kindergarten or primary school. Our Preschool Readiness Program is perfect if you want your child to have the best early years start to their education and development. And also have an edge over other students.

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Get in touch with us for reliable childcare education near Macquarie Park. To know more about early learning childcare, fees and childcare subsidies, preschool and kindergarten program, and  child development resources for parents, call us on (02) 9943-2095 or mail us at