Chicken Hatching Programs — A Great Activity for Teaching Kids Responsibility

Activities that encourage responsibility amongst kids can be initiated right from their early childhood. The chicken hatching program is a great idea when looking for activities that kids and grown-ups can participate in together. The hatching chicks program is exciting and engaging and offers itself to show and tell tasks for weeks to come.

Essence of Egg Hatching Programs for Schools

Academy for Early Learners offers egg hatching programs to draw from its educational outcomes. We strive to deliver the wonder of hatching eggs right to your children at a young age in a controlled environment. Possessing long years of experience in early-school education, we provide fully immersive experience where children are present from hatching the eggs to caring for the chicks, to collecting eggs from the chickens in our very own purpose built chicken coop.

Significance of Hatching Chicks Program

At Academy for Early Learners, the chick hatching kits we offer at school are easy to use and come with simple instructions. The setup and pack up of the program are both our responsibility.

We are committed to ethically sourcing eggs from a commercial hatchery that produces layer strain eggs. We adhere to Australian Poultry Standards and offer our program to share the joy of learning about life and caring for others.

Chicken Feeding program

Our hatching eggs and baby chicken feeding programs offer significant hands-on involvement for kids. Most children find it exciting to see for themselves the miracles of life as chickens hatch out of their eggs. In guidance with the EYLF learning framework, through our chicken program Academy’s children become socially responsible and develop their respect for the environment, they are able to resource their own learning through connecting with natural materials and enjoy taking initiative in their own learning and development.

Our program is specifically designed to offer an engaging and fun experience of handling and feeding eggs and chicks within a safe environment. For more information, drop us an email at or call us on (02) 8068 2300