ELLA Early Learning Languages in Australia

Culture and arts are integral aspects of the current fast-paced and competitive world. At the same time, early learners, and young children today must acquire an education that meets contemporary demands.

We offer a holistic curriculum at Academy for Early Learners with the ELLA language learning program that focuses on languages in quality education and care. Our engaging environment and programs build foundational blocks for young learners to reach their full potential.

ELLA Language Learning Program

At Academy for Early Learners, we offer ELLA for the digital early language learning program that helps preschoolers learn languages. It aims at teaching children one of thirteen languages with the help of play-based apps, known as ‘The Polyglots’, used on tablet devices at preschool. ‘The Polyglots’ app is engineered by early childhood and technology experts and features a cast of colourful characters. 

Aiming to facilitate early learning of languages amongst children in Australia through digital play, the apps are essentially educational while being engaging and a lot of fun for children. It strives to match the interests of young children, such as cooking, music, art, building, and role-play.

Benefits of ELLA for Early Learners Program

Academy for Early Learners facilitates the ELLA language learning program as it is a proven method of language discovery amongst preschoolers. The program helps in keeping them interested in learning a language at school.

Some of the benefits of ELLA are —

  • Confident Educators

We believe our educators grow along with the children being taught. Our educators have past experience with ELLA, and that’s why they are more confident about integrating technology and languages into their programs.

  • Builds Cultural Competency

As children learn about new cultures, they learn to respect diversity. Our ELLA program encourages families to share their native languages as well.

  • Fosters Cognitive & Social Skills

Our ELLA program strives to develop children’s thinking and social and digital skills. While supporting literacy among kids, the program also enhances concentration and memory.

ELLA Early Learning Languages in Australia

Focusing mainly on early childhood education, ELLA early learning languages program offers a new, fun world of language learning in Australia. It is essentially a fully supported, free and easy-to-use program undertaken by Academy and delivered through qualified educators that helps both children and their educators to learn another language.

To know more about us, call us at (02) 8068 2300 or email us at info@academyforearlylearners.com.au today.