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Academy for Early Learners is a premium preschool and childcare located in Sydney’s North Shore, offering long-day care hours.

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Academy for Early Learners is a reputed premium preschool and the best childcare in Sydney, offering long-day care hours. At Academy for Early Learners, we believe that high quality, committed staff are key to providing the highest level of care and guidance for our children.

We understand the need for a proper diet for a child’s development. We provide five appetising and seasonal nutritious meals for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. Along with NSW early childhood education and meals at our best childcare in Sydney, we are happy to cater for children with allergies, religious and special dietary requirements.

Our vision is to provide a holistic curriculum with quality education and care, using a multi-dimensional and value-laden approach. We provide engaging environments rich with natural resources to build the foundational blocks for young learners to reach their full potential.

Affordable and quality childcare is a priority at Academy for Early Learners. The rates are applicable to each age group, excluding any Child Care Subsidy your family may be eligible to apply to childcare fees.

Our fees include the following provisions:

  • Nutritional Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late Afternoon Tea
  • Sunscreen
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Extracurricular learning programs (cooking, music, art and yoga classes)
  • School readiness program as designed by our qualified headteachers and educational leaders.

Early Childhood Education in NSW For Young Learners

Active children are healthy children. Our outdoor playground has numerous learning spaces and natural elements that facilitate imagination and explorative learning. Children have the opportunity to engage in a variety of gross motor activities, stimulating their love for physical activity. Developed by our qualified early childhood educators, Academy for Early Learners Children improve their fitness, motor planning, balance, coordination and body awareness. We provide yoga classes, soccer lessons and obstacle courses.

Our Learning Spaces

To ensure you do all possible work towards providing for your infant student, our early childhood education in NSW caters to all the areas to encourage learning and development.

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The children are taught the importance of sustainability and organically sourced foods by learning about our extensive vegetable gardens. They love eating the fresh produce, which they get to take home at any time during the year and added as ingredients in our nutritious menu. 

We know that each child is unique and have their own set of needs. That is why we have adapted the way in which we teach young ones at our school based on world-leading research and responding to what they need personally. Sometimes kids can be shy or quiet when it comes down to how confidently they interact socially rather than speaking up first – though this isn’t always true!

Best Child Care Centre in Sydney, Australia - Academy for Early Learners

The key indicators for a smooth transition during the early years are social-emotional development. 


Academy for early learners’ preschoolers are confident and aspiring learners. We encourage them to use their stimulating learning environment as a medium to grasp and mould the world around them. Our university qualified educational leaders take a play-based approach to a child’s learning through specifically focusing on each child’s needs, interests and knowledge. Guardian Teachers and Educators continually adapt and change their ways of thinking to support the children who will require the following skills:


  • Innovative and adaptable
  • Creative, critical thinking problem-solvers and decision-makers
  • Lifelong learners
  • Able to work in partnership and collaboration with others.

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Opening Hours


6:30am - 6:30pm

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6 Weeks - 5 Years Old