Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing

Academy for Early Learners has a holistic approach to learning and development. Our daily care and learning journey also has a focus on your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing, not just their early childhood education.


We ensure your child receives all the energy they need to remain stimulated and healthy throughout their learning journey with us.

fresh fruits

Academy for Early Learners provides five appetising and seasonal nutritious meals for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. Rapid growth of children requires a menu that specifically caters for their developmental needs. Our meals provide at least 50% of your child’s recommended daily intake (RDI) of all nutrients. All meals are served with either milk or water.  Our food is prepared and cooked daily on site by our in-house cook. Designed by our in-house qualified dietitians, we have a rotational menu that changes based on the fresh ingredients we are able to source through the seasons.

We also happily cater for children with allergies, religious and special dietary requirements.

Academy for Early Learners is also an Asthma Friendly Service and we are proud to welcome children that suffer from Asthma or Anaphylaxis. Our menus are available upon request from the service Director and are always on display at the service.

fresh vegetables

Health & Wellbeing

We strongly believe that active children are healthy children.

Our outdoor playground has numerous learning spaces and natural elements that facilitate imagination and explorative learning. Our children can engage in a variety of gross motor activities, stimulating their love for physical activity. Developed by our highly qualified Early Childhood educators, Academy for Early Learners Children improve their fitness, motor planning, balance, coordination and body awareness. Our program includes yoga classes, soccer lessons and obstacle courses!

Our numerous vegetable gardens are loved by the children, as they learn the importance of sustainability and gain exposure to organically sourced foods. These seasonally grown fruits and vegetables are shared all year round for children to take home and added as ingredients in our nutritious menu. 

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group activities fun for children's at AEL

Academy for Early Learners Preschoolers are confident and aspiring learners

They are encouraged to use their stimulating learning environment as a vehicle and tool to grasp and mould the world around them. Our university qualified educational leaders take a play-based approach to a child’s learning through specifically focusing on each child’s needs, interests and knowledge.