Academy’s Early Learning Preschool

Our Early Learning Preschool-aged 3–5-year-old children at Academy for Early Learners are called the Wise Owls. They are confident pre-schoolers who consistently seek to further their interest and learnings in their environment. At Academy’s early learning preschool we encourage our preschool children to show initiative in play-based learning that is both child-directed and intentionally taught by our qualified educators. 

Our philosophy of ‘Inspiration for today, Education for tomorrow, Confidence for their future’ is encompassed by our stimulating learning environments and curriculum. Parents are consistently informed of their child’s learning and development with Observations, Developmental Checklists and Daily Group Reflections to name a few. Our University Lecturer Educational Leader is also available yearly for meetings to discuss your child’s learning and development in on our Preschool Readiness Program.

Academy’s Early Learning Preschool Readiness Program

Academy’s Pre School Readiness Program ensures our children develop school readiness that assists and facilitates their smooth transition into their next educational milestone. 

Our early learning preschool’s small groups ensure that all educators are better facilitated to give children to most individualised care and learning suited primarily to target their developmental milestones in their holistic care. Our rewarding early learning preschool programs and initiatives at Academy include:

  • Chickens program
  • Worm Farm
  • Vegetable growing
  • Phonics program to read and write
  • Numeracy program
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) experiments throughout the year

Literacy and numeracy are key components of a child’s learning that we focus on teaching in the pre-school years. Our holistic approach to learning means no additional fees for parents occur to deliver the outstanding extracurricular activities and programs.