Academy’s Early Learning Preschool

We call our early learning preschool children are referred to as the Wise Owls. At the Academy, children between the ages of 3-5 years are constantly exploring their interests in a guided and supportive environment. Wise Owls realise their interests early on and start absorbing knowledge that empowers them to explore further while enjoying the learning process at their own pace.

We focus on play-based learning because we believe that between the ages of 3-5, children learn better when they are fully engaged.

Stimulating their minds through interactive learning environments games and interest based activities builds the foundation for the children’s educational future informed decision making in the later years. Activities also keep them active through the day, which ensures they eat and rest well.

Our programs for Wise Owls at our international early learners preschool include:

  • Chickens program
  • Worm Farm
  • Vegetable growing
  • Phonics program to read and write
  • Numeracy program
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Learning experiences and experiments throughout the year

Apart from Early Learning Programs in Sydney we do programs for Childhood nursery in West Pymble.

Early Learners Premium Preschool Readiness Program in Sydney, Australia ​

We are a premium preschool in Sydney that offers integrated preschool programs. Our Preschool Readiness Program is just as the name suggests- a comprehensive program to develop readiness for school. The program allows and assists preschoolers to naturally adapt to the next transition in their educational journey.

We follow the principle that the only way of activating the true potential within a child is through individualised attention with a keen eye to their inclinations and behaviour.

In the formative early learning preschool years, the Academy focuses on literacy and numeracy.

Our programs include an abundance of outstanding extracurricular activities and programs- ensuring that parents are not liable to pay extra fees.

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