Daily Fees and Provisions

At Academy for Early Learners, affordable and quality childcare is important to us. The following rates are applicable to each age group excluding any Child Care Subsidy your family may be eligible to apply to childcare fees.

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nursery activities at academy for early learners

0-2 years old

$ 140

before CCS

toddler practices at academy for early learners

2-3 years old

$ 130

before CCS

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3-5 years old

$ 115

before CCS

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Nutritionally Planned Meals provided throughout the day – Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late Afternoon Tea

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A 12 month Portfolio of your child’s art and learning outcomes throughout the year

specialized educators at academy for early learners

School readiness program designed by our qualified head teachers and educational leader (applicable to Preschool aged children)

fun activities at academy for early learners

Extracurricular learning programs such as cooking, music, art and yoga classes

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Nappies and wipes

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Session bookings

At Academy for Early Learners we offer 9-hour, 10-hour and full day sessions. This provides flexible options helping families to make the most of the Child Care Subsidy.

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How Session Bookings can reduce your out-of-pocket childcare fees?

Designed to reduce the out of pocket expenses and increase access to subsidized hours, our sessions bookings maximize our commitment to providing access to quality early childhood education and care.

Speak with our Family Support Team to find out which Session will suit your family the best! View this document for more information.

Child Care Subsidy


The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a payment offered by the Australian Government for which you may be eligible. CCS reduces your childcare fees by subsidising the daily rate of fees charged by the service. Once subsidy applies to your family’s childcare fees, you only pay the gap payment remaining.

Depending on your personal circumstances, there may also be other government funding available.

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What is childcare subsidy?

The Child Care Subsidy is means tested based on the combined family income, the fortnightly activity of families – such as work, study or volunteering and the type of service your child attends, as well as their age. As part of the Child Care Subsidy, the number of hours of subsidised care you will be entitled to will be based on your level of recognised activity. Understanding the different types of activity that will be recognised is key to maximising your Child Care Subsidy.

Family contact and support team

Upon enrolment you will be able to utilise the services of our family contact and support department. They can assist you with navigating fees and Child Care Subsidy, finding the most affordable and best suited sessions times for your family.

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