Munch & Move Training Programs

At Academy for Early Learners, we actively promote physical activity and healthy eating habits among children to prevent health issues later in their lives. It is vital to include healthy activity and eating habits at preschools, as nearly sixty per cent of four-year-old children attend pre-schools and spend much of their day there.

Our Munch & Move program encourages and imparts healthy habits during early childhood education. With our Munch & Move Training Programs, our educators are able to implement a play-based fun approach to healthy eating and physical activity amongst young children.

Munch and Move Activities at Preschool

The ultimate objective of our Munch and Move activities in preschool is to offer a fantastic opportunity to inculcate healthy eating and physical habits among young children. Aiming to prevent obesity during early childhood, our professionals are strict about food preferences, eating habits, sedentary behaviours, and physical activity.

A government initiative to stir up healthy habits at a very young age, the Munch & Move program promotes active play, healthy eating and fundamental movement skills. We implement the program at our preschool with our certified and trained teachers who take an individualised approach to each child’s journey towards developing healthy habits.

How do You Benefit from our Professional Development Courses?

We implement the Munch and Move program as a carefully designed sustainable, low-intensity program, we focus on hindering unhealthy weight gain during the early period of life.

Aiming to boost confidence and skills amongst educators, we ensure our program fits well within the early childhood education and care sector’s National Quality Framework. Our educators have undertaken professional development courses to deliver and support the children’s healthy lifestyles and eating habits.

Why Consider Our Professional Development Training Courses?

At Academy for Early Learners, we devised our Munch and Move program such that it is appropriate, relevant, and functional to the early childhood sector. We ensure to induce the systems learnt through professional development training courses and build capacity in the childhood sector, fostering fundamental movement skills, healthy eating and games-based active play with decreased recreational screen time.

Australia prioritises obesity prevention during the early childhood phase. State-wide implementation of Munch and Move involves active collaboration with the early childhood sector and Area Health Services.