Childhood Nursery in West Pymble

Our West Pymble nursery room of 0 – 2 year old has a maximum of 8 babies at any given time. This small group facilitates a more stimulating learning environment where the best possible connections and care is given to each baby. The small groupings at our West Pymble nursery allow more one to one opportunity which results in more neurological connections to be made in your babies brain. This is crucial for their future learning and development of nursery age children.

Future-Oriented Early Childhood Learning West Pymble Nursery

The Academy for Early Learners motto is Discendo Parati – Prepared for Learning. Part of what makes Academy for Early Learners unique is our focus on both caring for each individual child, and also nurturing their development with our premium education program, preparing them for learning throughout school and life. Our developmental program in the West Pymble nursery room is based on the latest childhood learning research and the national early years learning framework. We seek to provide a learning environment that is fun, stimulating and nurturing, to help develop your baby’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Research has shown that the first five years in a child’s life shape their future development, so we seek to ensure your child is given every opportunity to be prepared for learning.

Parents are consistently informed of their child’s learning and development with Observations, Developmental Checklists and Daily Group Reflections to name a few. Observations provide parents with individual feedback and analysis of learning of your child. Our University Lecturer Educational Leader at our West Pymble Nursery is also available upon request for meetings to discuss your child’s learning and development. Where you may need support or professional opinions on your child’s development, Academy is more than happy to offer support to your family, to receive the best outcome for your child’s care.