Early Childhood Resources For Parents

Newsletters are issued monthly to families providing the most up to date information and support networks for our parent’s perusal. Early Childhood resources for parents are made available on site and shared via our Parent to Educator communication platform. These newsletters keep you informed of everything that is happening at Academy for Early Learners, and in particular what is happening in your child’s learning spaces.

Programs are created weekly based on the child’s learning needs and of their current interests. This is always available and openly shared with parents for feedback and further discussion. Our small groups provide children with the optimal learning environments that meet their social, cognitive, gross motor etc. development. Academy for Early Learners uses Portfolios as a means to create a documental journey of your child’s learning and development experiences: 

  • All children receive an individual Portfolio.
  • Families will be encouraged to reflect on their child’s Portfolio to allow families to actively participate in the child’s learning. 
  • Parents are encouraged to provide feedback about their child’s learning 
  • Educators add to each child’s Portfolio documentation reflecting the child’s learning and experiences at Academy for Early Learners with photos of the children’s experiences and art work 

Accessing and Evaluating Early Childhood Resources For Parents

Parents are consistently informed of their child’s learning and development with Observations, Developmental Checklists and Daily Group Reflections contributing to some of our early childhood resources for parents. Observations provide parents with individual feedback and analysis of learning of your child. Our University Lecturer Educational Leader is also available upon request for meetings to discuss your child’s learning and development. Where you may need support or professional opinions on your child’s development, Academy is more than happy to offer support to your family, to receive the best outcome for your child’s care.

In coordination with the Department of Education, our service can access Inclusion Support which assists our service is providing and embedding quality inclusive practices into delivery of our early learning program. This is a separate service that is subsided by the Government for children with learning barriers who require additional inclusion assistance with their typically developing peers. We are able to access Inclusion Professional who provide practical and tailored advice to support us in addressing your child’s particular learning barriers. Academy can guide parents with the process and provide any recommendations to help your child get the best early childhood outcome. 

Academy for Early Learners staff and families are always encouraged to enjoy open, positive and collaborative relationship. With access to early childhood resources, parents are encouraged to become involved in the running of the Centre. Parents and staff endeavour to work together to make the transition between the home and the Centre as harmonious and relaxed as possible. Families are encouraged to share their culture, language and home experiences with the centre. Our emphasis is on partnerships with families and the greater community. Families are encouraged to participate in the centre and share in decision making. We aim to provide a diverse program that reflects both group and individual needs.