Early Childhood Resources for Parents

Shape and guide your child’s development with early childhood resources for parents as they discover their sense of self. Early Learning programs for Toddlers can learn by testing, observing and experimenting with everything around them and hence, they need your constant supervision to stay safe.

We have an exclusive collection of activities and resources holistically designed to assist families and careers and support early learning and development. Browse the fun and interesting experiences you and your little one can do together at home to enhance their learning, development and well-being.

Our parenting videos describe parents spending time with their children while helping them grow and learn. Explore our collection and discover ways to encourage a child’s development and learning style. In addition, find useful tips and ingenious ideas to try at home. Listening to and interacting during play with parents helps them to learn and brings them closer to you. Reading aloud is an excellent way to spend time together promoting language, literacy and brain development.

  • It gives children the best start in life.

  • It provides important opportunities to learn and develop.

  • It helps to develop independence and learn new routines. 

  • It supports the transition to school.

  • Better social-emotional development

  • It results in empowered parents and improved family well-being.

Parents and careers can learn what their child will do at the Academy of Early Learners. Further, learn about when and how to enroll, get there, and what they need for their journey at the Academy. It answers frequent questions of parents and careers with information about early childhood and education.

Bring out the best in your toddler with our early childhood resources for parents We have experienced, degree qualified early childhood teachers to ensure we draw on the best available research and teaching practices to meet the needs of every family. We deliver a holistic curriculum to build the foundational blocks for young learners to reach their full potential.

Connect with us to understand how we can support your child in their growth at the best child care in Sydney. To know more about early childhood resources for parents family daycare in Sydney, fees and childcare subsidy and child development resources for parents, call us on (02) 9943-2095 or mail us at info@academyforearlylearners.com.au.