Essence of Infant Learning Programs

Infancy is a period that experiences rapid growth during the postnatal stages, and it is during this stage, that motor skills start developing in the child. At The Academy for Early Learners, we understand that early child development sets the foundation for lifelong behaviour, learning and health. Thus, our infant education programs aim at shaping the brain and enhancing its capacity to learn while offering the ability to respond to daily stress and social challenges.

Infant Education Programs

Early experience helps in shaping early brain development and acquiring self-regulation skills. At Academy for Early Learners, we ensure our classrooms are organised to maximise mobility. We offer toys and other interactive tools for our infant early education program that facilitate sensory experience.

Qualified Educators

Educators of our Infant Program are professionally trained and possess qualifications to interpret cues that ensure the infant’s basic needs are met. We believe bonds of trust between an educator and child facilitate deeper and more fruitful learning. Our educators prioritise communication which offers parents peace of mind throughout the day.

Infant Development Programs

We offer comprehensive individual development at Academy for Early Learners with our Infant Learning Program. Early literacy activities and baby sign language enrich our daily experience. We fill each infant’s day with responsive interactions, active exploration, language, and abundant learnings through all five senses. We strive to build your baby’s vocabulary while increasing child-adult bonding and enhancing social interaction.

Significance of Infant Learning Programs

Recent research reveals infancy is a vital stage in life — it is during this phase that sets the foundation for long-term health. Our infant development program strives to offer the best environment to grow. Infancy and childhood are one of the most crucial stages that facilitate rapid physical growth and cognitive and emotional development.

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