Childcare Centre Nearby Wahroonga

Are you looking for a place for your toddler to learn and grow? We have designed our early year programs in ways that help to meet your child’s developmental milestones. We use various activities and mediums to engage children in their learning process. Our childcare centre near Wahroonga is excellent for the little one’s holistic development.

Toddlers can explore their world and learn in a comfortable and safe environment at our childcare centre. We want your child’s experience with us to be beneficial and exciting. We firmly believe that every little one is special and deserves to be nurtured at our childcare centre. We aim to offer only the best possible care for your children so they can grow up healthy, happy and ready for school. We have a team that is passionate about early childhood education and have completed extensive training.

Enhance The Early Development With Our Childhood Curriculum for Toddlers

Academy for Early Learners near Wahroonga, and Toddler Childcare and Preschool is an early learning centre in Sydney, Australia. We believe in preparing children to learn and excel at school, and our curriculum focuses on developing literacy, numeracy, science, technology, and physical education skills. We also provide a helping hand to parents, which helps them understand their child’s development through daily reflections, development checklists of observations about learning and development. Our observations also include learning the story of each child provided to the parents yearly.

Academy’s programs is holistic and integrated, which means it covers all areas of development – cognitive, social-emotional, and physical. Our Preschool Readiness Program is designed to help children develop the skills they need to succeed in school.  

Academy for Early Learners provides five appetising and seasonal nutritious meals:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea 
  • Late afternoon tea

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To know more about how to support your child’s growth with our childcare centre in Wahroonga and to know more about early learning childcare, fees and childcare subsidy, preschool and kindergarten program, and child development resources for parents, call us on (02) 9943-2095 or mail us at