Childcare Centre Near Killara

Academy for Early Learners is a premium preschool and the best childcare centre near Killara. We believe that high quality, committed staff are vital to providing the highest level of care and guidance for the children. That’s why we offer a holistic curriculum with quality childcare education near Killara, using a multi-dimensional and value-laden approach.

Our childcare centre near Killara provides an enriching environment that fosters creativity, exploration and growth in each child. With our long-day care hours, you can be sure your child is in good hands while you’re at work. Our small groupings allow more one-to-one opportunities, resulting in a stronger neurological connection being made in your baby’s brain. This is crucial for young children’s future learning and development as they grow up.

Development-oriented Childhood Curriculum for Preschoolers

Academy for Early Learner’s near Killara Early Learning Childcare is the perfect school to prepare your child for their future. Our curriculum focuses on developing skills in all areas of learning, including social and emotional development. We also provide parents with regular updates about how their children are progressing through our developmental checklists.

Our Preschool Readiness Program is designed to help children adapt to the next transition in their educational journey. We offer integrated preschool programs tailored to each child’s individual needs.

This program is just as the name suggests- a comprehensive program to develop readiness for school. The program allows and assists preschoolers to adapt to the next transition in their educational journey naturally. We are dedicated to providing an environment that nurtures children’s development, creativity, curiosity and imagination.

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